Stability Score™

Perfect Production

You care about stability. Because stability means safety and efficiency. Optimal production and faster growth.

Stability is the unassuming force behind successful industrial operations. That’s why we focus on helping companies achieve it. Our platform streamlines the massive amounts of data produced in your operation to help you, the experts — the ones who run the machines, who get their hands dirty, who have spent their careers on the line — analyze and assess the things that affect your stability.


To give data meaning — and help humans distinguish what matters from what doesn’t — we built a platform on our proprietary Stability Score. This simple metric pulls together collected or real-time industrial asset, sensor and operational data. It gives operators a way to track the health of plant and production systems down to a single asset or sensor and respond to the changes that matter.

Our job is to make complex data sets simpler to interpret. Your job is to make it matter.

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