Look back, plan ahead

Get instant insight into an operation’s stability at any given time. Primer creates a Stability Score™ analysis based on collected data, from last night or last year. From an entire facility to a single machine or sensor, Primer helps operators identify the anomalies and make necessary changes.

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Rapid Analysis

Distill massive streams of raw sensor and production data into usable insights for expert operators.

Operational Transparency

See the stability of your production from the top-line view down to a single asset or sensor.

Early Warning

Detect potential issues sooner with a platform that learns from user input about each incident of instability.

How Primer Helps You.


Organizations are increasingly faced with more data than they can effectively analyze through traditional means.

Primer reduces complexity by distilling these massive streams of raw sensor and production data into usable insights, so operators can identify where and when unexpected changes are happening.


Today there’s no way to predict operational disruptions before they occur.

Primer is constantly refining its artificial intelligence based on your operator’s input, so it learns to detect subtle or new patterns in data, giving operators early warnings so they can head off disruptions before they occur.


Keeping the enterprise updated and aligned on the stability of production is a highly manual and error-prone process.

Primer can analyze an entire database with a single click of the mouse. Whether taking a top-line view or tracing data back to a single sensor, Primer’s auto-generated reports allow entire teams to easily see everything impacting the stability of their operation.

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