My Data Science Internship Experience

As summer ends and we anticipate the arrival of fall, my data science internship is wrapping up, and I am eager to share my experience, working with a team led by a world-renowned data scientist, Drew Conway, at Alluvium in New York City.

First, let’s go over a little background on Alluvium:

“In all data there is humanity.” — Drew Conway

In every single bit are traces of this humanity: in how a choice is made, or how a system is built. In industrial facilities like oil and energy plants, the complexity of this humanity is magnified. Managing this complexity requires domain expertise, innovative engineering, and data-driven intelligence. In this context, “data-driven intelligence” means that data science is utilized, and that is Alluvium’s focus: transforming decision-making processes in complex industrial operations by using data. This happens by the way of capturing massive, complex data streams from industrial sensors and transforming them into a single metric, to give the data meaning: determining when and defining what went wrong.

My Internship Experience:

I applied and was selected for the summer data science internship at Alluvium due to my background, which includes research experience as a graduate student at Washington State University applying machine learning algorithms in the domain of Smart Grid.

The most rewarding aspect of my internship was the opportunity to work in the area that interests me: data science in Industrial IoT, along with being mentored by the brightest analytical minds working in data science. At Alluvium, everyone is passionate about data, creating an atmosphere that fosters inclusion and innovation, and encourages creativity.

Some highlights and key experiences from my internship are that I:

  • Worked on real-world data from a Fortune 100 industrial manufacturer.
  • Lived the experience behind the saying: “Data scientists spend majority of their time on pre-processing data.”
  • Designed a custom semi-supervised model validation pipeline.
  • Witnessed how AI algorithms are designed from scratch and deployed in a production environment.
  • Gained a new perspective on applied statistics.

I owe a great deal of thanks to everyone on the Alluvium team, and I am highly grateful to their Director of Data Science, the brilliantly gifted statistician Chris Bethel, who mentored me throughout this internship, guided me through my work, and continued his own research as he enlightened me.

It was simply awesome, Alluvium. Thank you for an amazing summer!

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