AI in Industrial Automation Summit in San Francisco

On June 28 and June 29, RE•WORK is hosting their first AI in Industrial Automation Summit at the South San Francisco Conference Center. This two day event will feature 30 speakers and expects over 300 attendees. This conference promises rich content, numerous networking opportunities, and the opportunity to discover emerging trends and their impacts.

Our CEO Drew Conway will be one of the presenters on day two of the conference. His talk will focus on how data streams, AI, and human expertise all work together to form what he has dubbed the “golden braid” of industrial machine intelligence. Until recently, where industrial machine intelligence is concerned, big data and data science have been woefully behind in their usefulness and in meeting actual business needs. To be successful, the golden braid must be applied: the key is the blending of massive data, advanced machine intelligence, and human expertise.

Join us!

We invite you to join Drew and the other conference attendees with our special discount code, good for 15% of the pass price. Use this link and the offer code DC15 to sign up for your seat at the conference today.

If you cannot attend the summit but still want to join the conversation, the hashtag for the summit is #reworkAUTO.

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