Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast – Now Live

In this three-part podcast episode for the Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast, our CEO Drew Conway and host Erik Walenza of IoT One discuss (among many other things) artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and how both are applied to industrial data and equipment.

In the second part of the episode, part of the discussion honed in on Alluvium’s approach to machine learning:

“We believe firmly in not requiring our customers to have a big upfront cost in terms of the training of a particular model.” — Drew Conway

From day one, Alluvium Primer learns on its own from the data it is given, but the truly meaningful work is not done by machines alone. Expert operators’ input is a valuable part of the success equation. Once Primer analyzes a data set, the expert human operator interacts with those results to help give context to the findings and to help make our AI smarter for their company and their problem. With this semi-supervised learning, our AI learns from the user interaction and becomes more useful for the customer as a result.

You can find all three podcast episodes (#33a, #33b, #33c) on IoTOne’s podcast page or on iTunes.

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