Building AI Startups: Lessons Learned

On Monday May 14, our CEO Drew Conway take part in a panel focusing on building AI startups and exploring several facets of startup life including:

– Vertical vs horizontal AI startups – Which works best, when, and why?
– Go-to-market strategy for AI companies – Boil the ocean, or sail the lake?
– How much does it matter to use state of the art ML vs just hammering out a model?
– What’s more important – differentiated tech or differentiated product and sales?
– Building an AI business in NY vs SF – Is there much of a difference?

On this panel, Drew will be joining Bradford Cross (Founder/CEO of Merlon Intelligence), Matthew Zeiler (Founder/CEO of Clarifai), and Clare Gollnick (CTO of Terbium Labs).

For more information and to RSVP, visit:

Read about Drew’s Alluvium founding journey here.

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