About Us.

We are a data company. But we’re all about people. People are the real experts. We have developed a computing platform designed to keep people at the forefront of machine learning by turning massive streams of complex data into simple, real-time insights. Because hard data plus operator knowledge creates stability. And in industrial operations, stability fuels everything from safety to efficiency to growth.

We’ve built our company culture on the same values that make our technology unique.

Our Company Tenets:

Put people first

We strive for human impact in everything we do.

Stop and listen

Because listening is where learning begins.

Welcome evolution

The best way to do things is always changing.

Seek the firsthand

Getting it right often takes getting real dirt on our hands.

Lead with humility

To succeed we must be conscious of our own ignorance.

We create products that are:

  • Empathetic: Intuitive and people-centric in design and outcome.
  • Evolving: Learning and adapting to systems, signals and business context.
  • Considered: Meticulously refined and tested for results and reliability.

Our Leadership.

Drew Conway

Founder and CEO

Drew Conway is a world-renowned data scientist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker. In 2015, Drew founded Alluvium to bridge the gap between big data and human expertise. Designed with the goal of helping industrial operations become safer, more efficient and more profitable, the Alluvium platform makes industrial machine data meaningful and useful to the people who rely on it to make decisions that affect the stability of their operation.

Gavin Cowie

Director of Engineering

Gavin Cowie is leading the charge to simplify Industrial data at scale. With more than 20 years of SaaS experience across multiple industries, including learning, publishing, and e-commerce, Gavin is now applying his expertise to refining and growing the capabilities of the Alluvium platform so industrial operators can continue to get more valuable insights from their data.

“Modern factories are data rich environments bristling with controllers, sensors, and other computerized gear. The problem is there are too many data sources but not enough real-time flow of that data to the people who need it to ensure smooth operations.

“That’s the rather large problem that Alluvium wants to address by applying machine learning to that data.”

“Today, most companies aiming to monetize that IoT data are focused on consumers. Alluvium, a new startup based in New York, sees more money and benefit to society in mining the data debris in complex industrial applications. It wants to apply machine learning to dirty industrial things, not consumer devices. We’re talking fleets of vehicles, offshore oil derricks, giant petroleum processing plants.”

“The biggest opportunity for a product in this space is in the large industrial spaces that are already generating a ton of data but are underserved by the software incumbents that exist there.”

“Alluvium is a platform that uses data science to improve the stability of industrial operations. It ingests data from machines and sensors, then processes that data to find anomalies that a plant operator can use to fix and improve operations before the error becomes more serious. The company was founded by Drew Conway in 2015, and has raised $2.5 million.”

“‘The industrial engineer that manages an oil refinery deeply understands what the expected baseline for that operation is,’ says Drew Conway, founder and CEO of Alluvium. ‘The challenge is that the means by which he understood that process has, in recent years, undergone digital transformation to allow greater visibility into changes they should be making. We help them make better decisions from their data.'”

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